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Apetito is a European frozen food company which was founded in post war Germany. The company operate in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, France the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States and employ over 11,522 people. They are the main providers of "meals on wheels" for local authorities in the United Kingdom, and Canada, and were given a Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2005.

A former employee shares his experience on indeed.com, "Apetito is the worst place to work for. The managers have no respect for you, all they care about is the money. The pressure is unreal. The mangers are not professional & would use inappropriate language & there is a lot of blame culture. It's disgusting & I'm surprised this company is running. You don't get paid properly but expected to work stupid hours. The management has no skills at all running the place. The only support you will get is from the drivers, they are all very friendly & good."


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Former Employee - Marketing Assistant says

"Poor management, communication very poor, treated interns like garbage"

Former Employee - Procurement Administrator says

"I was put down a lot and it ruined my confidence, horrible atmosphere to work in"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company is run like an old boys club - If you are one of the boys the opportunities are endless and if not you are subjected to unfairness and constant bullying by managers"


"Offer contractual work rather than permanent to make the attrition rate seem better. No support / training or clarity on role. Cliquey office culture"


"Bullying,Unfair performance management,office politics,poisonous gossip,incompetent managers. Extremely poor at team leader level"

Former Employee - Administrative says

"Unless you are management or a graduate, you are treated as just another cog in the apetito machine. Hard work not appreciated Graduates are over rated and on considerably more money for doing the same job as non graduates but with less experience. They expect employees to give up their lives for apetito. Unless you work overtime and have nothing bad to say, you will never get promoted. Limited work/life balance So many people from various departments have left with mental health issues due to the way they were treated"

Former Employee - Multi Skilled Engineer says

"Untrained staff. Basic faults i.e. switch not turned on. Lack of appropriate training."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Feel like this company (well the franchise I am at) preys on older people, especially mentally ill/memory problems. manager always telling me to call customers with dementia and alzhiemers, and one lady with severe learning disabilities. Feels predatory, especially when we call customers we KNOW don't have a lot of money or who are not well. And then we are pushed to call and call until we get an order. Minimum wage. NO chances to advance in the business."

Former Employee - Delivery Driver says

"Nobody listens to the issues of the employees Blame culture towards employees No support from management Poor working conditions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"All male leadership team who have been in role for 10+ yrs and who do not respond well to new ideas. Not a great place to work if youre a woman. Not a great place to work if youre a parent. Not brave enough to allow employees to run with ideas or trial new ways of working. Shame that the values which are so well executed externally are not filtering through to teams and employees."

Koch/Köchin (Former Employee) says

"Keine Teamfähigkeit, Küchenchefs sind unfreundlichkeine vorteileschlechtes klima und Politik"

AR/AP, Payroll and Benefits (Former Employee) says

"I would not work here, they treat their employees horribly and don’t pay what you are worth . Do not work at this company, you are better off at MC Donald’sNoneManagement"

Küchenhilfe (Former Employee) says

"Ich fand es dort nicht schön tu arbeiten!!! Es war für mich von den Arbeitszeiten stressig. Bis dahin hatte ich noch keinen Führerschein, dass erschwerte mir das hin und wieder wegkommen von dort!!!!"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This company is a disgrace to work for. They treat their customers and their staff terribly. The people "in charge" have no idea what they're doing and they totally depend on their drivers to keep the place going. You don't know where you will be working on a day to day basis. Team "leaders" drive around smoking, swearing, making sure they get the easier shifts etc. There is a nasty atmosphere and the management are purely there to line their pockets. They will employ anyone, because they are so desperate all the time, as people will not stay there due to the way they are treated. If you like slogging your guts out for next to no money, getting sarcastic and bullying comments from "superiors" and enjoy having zero job satisfaction or respect for the company you work for, this is the place for you.LocalBad management, terribly run business, rude superiors"

Koch (Current Employee) says

"ich bin nicht freiwillig in diesem Unternehmen und würde es auch nie sein wollenKeineSehr vieleGuten Tag,bevor ich dazu komme, auf Ihre Bewertung zu antworten, bitte ich Sie vorab, meine verspätete Rückmeldung zu entschuldigen. Es tut mir sehr leid lesen zu müssen, dass Sie nicht freiwillig für apetito catering arbeiten?! Damit ich besser verstehe, möchte ich Ihnen meine Unterstützung anbieten: schreiben Sie mir gerne eine Email mit mehr Infos unter Christel.Uphus@apetito.de. Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass wir gemeinsam eine Lösung finden, wie Sie aus dem Dilemma herauskommen können. Freundliche GrüßeChristel UphusLeiterin Personalmarketing und Personalgewinnung"

National risk assessor (Current Employee) says

"I worked in customer services and distribution. This department was poorly run and reflected badly on an otherwise excellent business. I did however enjoy my time there and gained valuable experience in the distribution management sector. I ran my own depot for 11 months and brought it from the worst performing to the best out base in the business, in a very short space of time. I was involved in a great many projects involving writing and delivering training programs, managing an out base and investigating and conducting disciplinery process.gained invaluable experienceWeak senior management, long periods away from home"

Internship at apetito (Former Employee) says

"I can't talk much about this, but a company who earns so much money should try to do best for their workers. Especially the behaviour of higher level employers is arrogant and shamefull.Good ImageBad teachers"

Food Handler (Former Employee) says

"Run from.the company do not work for them. I had an accident in there an the refused to pay me any mind heartless individuals. Its a shame to be working there an your body battered an bruised an they won't acknowledge you ministry needs to look into those kind of places. SHAME SHAME SHAMEthe kitchen staff was good too meThe whole management team especially andy bones and arpanna or whatever u spell her name, a class act of slow unresponsive team, its like he says one am everyone scared, to say whats on their mind, its like slavery all over again, the ministry of labor needs too look into places like these, shame, shame shame"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"This is not a caring role but the customers are the best part of the job, who deserve a better service but are tied to using a company that has no competition. The operation is run for economy and convenience of unseen depot/management/head office who do not lead by example, lie (& bully) and are dismissive about the welfare of the customer and lower ranking staff. You deliver hot food as quickly as possible and regularly not the meal that the customer has ordered or can often eat. Rota drawn up at short notice from the limited availability of staff so expect to be rostered to work on any day, up to 9 days straight, every weekend and have leave requests refused. Despite daily van/oven checks, repairs aren't carried out and sometimes don't meet legal standards. Patronising obsession with driving performance and disciplinary threats, which overrides any other commitment you are making above the job role to provide good service, a 'can-do' attitude, covering staff shortages, other staff getting set work days, correcting office errors etc. Non-existent training other than instructed to sign off a backlog of unread worksheets. No staff meetings and not interested in feedback to improve the service. The one committed manager was spread so thinly across several depots and duties that they were fire-fighting and severely stressed.Out on the road, lovely customersRead the review"

Küchenhilfe (Former Employee) says

"In der Kantine von der Achen Münchner in Stuttgart ist aufgrund von Mitarbeitern die mit Fleiß anderen das Leben schwer machen kein effizientes Arbeiten möglich. Leider hat es die Regionalleitung versäumt dagegen vorzugehen. Solche Mitarbeiter gehören umgesetzt oder gekündigt. Ich würde dort unter den Bedingungen nie wieder arbeiten wollen. Schade der Küchenleiter war/ist ok.Guten Tag,vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback. Ich möchte Sie hiermit bitten, Ihre Punkte einmal genauer zu konkretisieren. Schreiben Sie dazu gerne eine Email an christel.uphus@apetito.de. Ihre Nachricht wird von mir vertraulich behandelt.Viele GrüßeChristel UphusLeiterin Personalmarketing und Personalgewinnung"

Koch/Köchin (Former Employee) says


Shipper/Receiver (Current Employee) says

"This is a good company but the management and some staff are unorganized. It's a stressful fast paced work environment constant movement and it's in and out of cold freezersGood peopleUnorganized and fast pase"

Procurement Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Completely ruined my confidence working for this company. Was never given any positive feedback on how I was doing. I was criticised all of the time by my line manager. I have been unable to find work since as my confidence has completely gone."

former customer service driver (Former Employee) says

"Management is weak, staff expected to go above & beyond at all times with no recognition thanks or appreciation. A great concept spoiled by corporate greed, bottom line expectations and sub standard customer service. Shame. Lack of direction, blame culture and no management lead b example. Very much upstairs / downstairs, them and us culture. Vehicles not always road legal or safe.autonomy for the few hours of delivery, making some ones dayno work/family balance, unrealistic expectations, lack of appreciation. poor management and no direction"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst place to work for. The managers have no respect for you , all they care about is the money. The pressure is unreal. The mangers are not professional & would use inappropriate language & there is a lot of blame culture. Its disgusting & im surprised this company is running. You dont get paid properly but expected to work stupid hours. The management have no skills at all running the place. The only support you will get are from the drivers, they are all very friendly & good.Friendly Drivers and making a difference to the community.Management, pay, long hours, pressured with time & drops."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Management don't care about you job need to be done, bullying methods are in place if you speak to much, long hours 10-12 hours days with 10+ drops around the UK , overtime not pay on time and it's only basic hour rate. Do not recommend it at all.NoneLong hours, bullying methods, poor management"

Runner (Current Employee) says

"if your not liked by the management you get the worst and busiest jobs whil others stand around talking all day and are getting payed the same and no one listens to any concerns as long as you show up they dont careonly 8 hourstreated like rubbish"

Overnight sanitation (Former Employee) says

"Night sanitation employee is careless. She is a danger to work with. Management looks other way ,bullying by this female overnite person is OK. Special treatment if you throw a tantrum to leave early to go hook up. Forced overtime every morning in potwash because you must leave your position to go help everyonelse during your shift so everyone can leave. Not fair environment!!!"

Responsable de développement (Former Employee) says

"J’ai passé plus d’un an chez Apetito en tant que responsable de développement et j’ai vécu un véritable calvaire dans cette société.Collègues sympasPatron tyrannique"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Worked for this company for just over a year. Make sure you check your van and refuse to drive it if anytging is wrong. On more than one occasion i was made to drive a van with tires that were not road legal. I informed management and was told that the repairs budget had been used up so would have to wait for new tires. I was also told that myself and other drivers were "f****ng liers" when i finally refused to drive the illegal van."

Richard Hall says

"Absolutely useless, arrived delivering meals during covid epidemic, no mask no gloves.............then laughed when asked to leave. Don't think much of their customers."


"Terrible service, my mum has had continuous late meals and one day last week they had no tea box for her either and the driver had to go to the shop and buy her some sandwiches and a cake These are the uk's vulnerable adults this company are taking care of and something need to be done about the service they provide I have now made a official complaint and if it does not improve I will be getting in touch with cqc. Update I have contacted your complaints department and all I have got is a email off a person called Tash and a load of excuses in a email not even a phone call"

Carole Stephens says

"Mum always had meals delivered Wednesday to Sunday, Monday & Tuesday she joined other friends in her sheltered accommodation for a communal meal. On Friday I telephoned Apetito to increase meals 7 days a week, due to the coronavirus. I was assured this would commence from today Monday 16th. The warden has telephoned that no meal has been delivered (mum is 95 yrs old). I telephoned Apetito & was informed that a meal had not been requested. When i pursued this I was told by Paul that he was not there on Friday, so it wasn't him. No alternative was offered & from now on, I am to request an email confirmation. This is not the first time! Poor mum, she will have to wait until I return from work at 6.30 & can prepare her something hot! Please make sure that you get confirmation in writing, in order to avoid this happening to your loved ones. Especially during these next few weeks when we will need to rely on this type of service more."

Ray Carpenter says

"Our main reason for taking the service was that Mum would get a regular welfare check as we lived more than 2 hours away from her. She moaned about the price of the meals ( comparing them with Iceland ) but actually was secretly happy to get the daily contact as she was struggling to get and about. Sadly, she was found dead after a no response meal delivery but it turned out that there was a no response 2 days before and I was not contacted and I don't think social services were contacted either. Apetito are following up on what happened but I would have major concerns on relying on them to see if your relative is OK. Could Apetito have prevented her death .... we might never know."